The SocialFusion Project in Context-Aware Mobile Cloud Computing

The SocialFusion project in mobile social networks at the University of Colorado at Boulder's Department of Computer Science seeks to conduct ground-breaking research in mobile systems, social networks, networking privacy/anonymity, data mining, mobility, user interfaces, mobile cloud infrastructure, and context-aware computing.  The SocialFusion Project fuses together location-aware mobile networks, sensor networks, and context-aware social networks to enable a new generation of exciting mobile cloud applications that are personalized to your location, activities, preferences, and friendship relationships.  Some examples of context-aware applications we have built and deployed include:
  • OutWithFriendz, an Android and iPhone app that enables us to study how groups of mobile users make decisions about where to go out for lunch/dinner and when
  • SocialFlicks, which combines an iPhone user's personal location with the user's Facebook profile to play video on a nearby screen customized to the preferences of that user, and
  • a context-aware music jukebox, which plays songs you want to hear when you walk into a room.
  • SocialDining, which recommends restaurants to groups of mobile users/friends
  • RescueMe, which provides mobile augmented reality to guide users within buildings in emergency evacuation situations, such as fires
  • An augmented reality mobile application to facilitate healthy grocery shopping
  • A danger-sensing mobile application called myBlackBox that is customized for individuals and provides warning notifications whenever it senses danger
We are building the SocialFusion infrastructure to support context-aware mobile cloud computing.  We also are building novel applications on top of SocialFusion to demonstrate the power of context-aware mobile cloud computing.

Prof. Han summarized our thoughts in the talk  "Towards Context-Aware Computing Via the Mobile Social Cloud" at the June 2010 Microsoft Research Networking Summit on Mobile Cloud Computing in Seattle, Washington.

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